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Scotland’s Darkest Secrets Tour (Virtual)

    Tour Operator: See Your City         Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Edinburgh

Calling all Phobofile’s!

Do you love all things scary? Do you want to learn about the history of the beautiful country of Scotland? 

From the comfort of your own home you can learn about some of the dark history of Scotland, from the cannibals of the west coast to the ghosts and witches buried deep in the capital city of Edinburgh. This won’t be a tour for those feint of heart!

To start, you will get instructions to log on and join your guide and other 'virtual tourists’. You will virtually 'meet' your guide at Bennane cave on the west coast of Scotland, as they take you on a journey across the country from Ayrshire to Edinburgh, learning about some of the best kept and some more well known dark secrets of ‘bonnie’ Scotland.


Starting Point- 

  1. Bennane Cave, Ballantrae, Ayrshire

(this is a virtual tour so it will be done entirely online, we will be virtually starting on the cold, Scottish west coast but you will be in the warm comfort of your own home.)

  1. Victoria Street, Edinburgh

  2. Grassmarket, Edinburgh 

  3. Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, Royal Mile, Edinburgh 

  4. West Port, Edinburgh 

  5. Greyfriars’s Graveyard, Edinburgh  

  6. Edinburgh Castle 

  7. South Bridge Vaults, Edinburgh 

  8. Witches’ Well, Edinburgh

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